Self-Driving Cars: Deep Learning Applications

Deep learning (a.k.a. deep machine learning, deep structured learning, hierarchical learning) is a buzzword for the latest incarnation of artificial neural network (ANN) technologies. In the context of the machine learning branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) an ANN is a network loosely based on biological neural networks (cf. human brain neurons), where ANN functions represent neurons, and the function input arguments represent synapse firing inputs and the function output arguments represent synapse firing outputs.

Consequently, in terms of basic functions the machine learning problem for a self-driving car may be reduced to:

Let S = {sensor inputs) & s is an element of S;
A = {actuator inputs} & a is an element of A.
Find the set of functions for which f(S) = A

What is deep learning, and how does it enable self-driving cars? Deep learning allows cars to learn from both the good examples of expert drivers and the bad examples of poor drivers. …

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